Class Details:

Pay Now To Secure Your Place! 

Prepay $40 for 2 classes a week for 5 weeks (Casual Rate $7 pp)

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Start time: 6.00 am (doors open at 5.55 am)

Finish Time: 6.30 am




Minimum number for class to run: 10 people  

Start Date: 2nd May 2017 Minimum age: 13 years

End Date: 1st June 2017

Payment details:

Payment can be made by direct credit to our account :

Tamaki Recreation Centre 12-3041-0356293-00 and include the following details with your payment:

Particulars          Code          Reference

Your Name         Metafit        2nd May 2017





Last date for direct credit payment is 27th April 2017

If you are making payment for more than one person please make 2 separate payments, if you would like conformation that your payment has been received email us at with the details above and we will check and confirm by return email providing you have emailed to confirm payment

Payment Conditions:

By making payment you acknowledge there is no refund for non attended classes, you are over the the age of 13, are aware that this is a high intensity class which is designed to be challenging as well as effective. You have no underlying medical conditions that would make this class inappropriate for you, or will seek medical guidance if you have any concerns related to your health and this class. The Recreation Centre staff, it's contractors and trustees will not be held liable for any injury or loss whilst partaking in this class or any other activity at the recreation centre. If we are unable to get the minimum numbers for this class we will refund any payment made in full prior to the published start date. Payment is non transferable once the 5 week block has started.