Fitness Suite

Tamaki Recreation Centre Fitness Suite

Unlike most gyms we operate on a per use fee so if you are not using us you don't pay anything. Before you can use our fitness suite you need to become a member or pay the casual rate. We do have limited hours and offer a limited service however if you are looking for a low cost option to the traditional full service and high fee gyms in the area drop in and see how we compare and how much you could save.

You have 2 options on use/membership, no on going contracts and complicated agreements, a simple pay as you get fit arrangement.

Tamaki Fitness Suite Membership!


Inductions can now be done during the Fitness Suite opening hours*. No phone bookings as payment is required prior to begining the induction. 

No more pre-booked Inductions!

It only takes 15 minutes to do an induction and get 30 Days Free Access when you sign up!

Cost: $40.00 for the first year.** 

Entry Fee per visit: 

$2.00 Full Time Students**, $3.00—Adults,  $2.50— 65 years plus

Annual renewal fee of $15 


                                                                           Please Read Terms and Conditions Below! 

Fitness Suite Option - Casual Use $20 per visit

You may wish to use our fitness suite as a casual user, this is possible providing you agree to follow our normal fitness suite conditions.

Terms and Condtions for all Fitness Suite users

Minimum age of 15 years—(Parent and Child option possible for 14 year olds)

Inductions to be completed subject to Staff availability. 

No Extensions or Holds on the 30 days Free Access. 

ID Must be provided when signing up. 


Full Time students need to produce a valid ID card with an expiry date, if no student ID card adult fee will be charged until a valid Full Time Student ID card is provided.


General Gym Use Conditions:

Follow the Fitness Suite rules, Be in gym gear, Use gear correctly, No dropping weights, 

Wipe machines down after use, Bring and use a sweat towel.


Use of  the fitness suite does not include:

Fitness advice, programmes, classes these are available at an extra cost.

We reserve the right to decline entry or ask users to leave if they do not follow the above conditions or follow centre staff instructions. 

Group Exercise Classes

You do not need to be a member of our fitness suite to take part in our classes, there are however some age restrictions on some classes - please check with the centre if this is your first visit.