Half Sports Hall

In the sports hall you can play a range of sports on our multi marking floor where we have markings for:

  •  3 Badminton Courts (Full Sized)
  •  1 x 3/4 size Basketball Courts (21.5 x 15.13 m)
  •  1 x 3/4 Netball Courts (22.95 x 15.27 m)
  •  1 x Full size Volleyball Courts (18 m x 9 m)

Not available for Weddings or Parties.

Please note there is limited availability for half sports hall hire week nights from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm winter months.

Maximum numbers: 30 people depending on the activity


Our hourly rate for the half the sports hall is $45 an hour including GST

Plus a Bond of $400 or $200 depending on activity taking place - refundable after last session or activity.

Half Sports Hall Specifications


Maximum Numbers permitted in Sports hall: 30

Bleacher Seating: Not available unless whole sports hall booked and paid for as an event booking

Non seated participants: included in maximum numbers

Floor Space: 26.8 by 17.5 metres (no bleachers) 469 sqm