Solar Power Generation

The Trust Board first investigated the use of renewable energy at Tamaki Recreation Centre in 2004 however at the time the cost was prohibitive and solar energy was in its early days.

Since then the cost has decreased substantially and the product has improved, Towards the end of 2013 the Trust Board decided the time was right and during 2014 further investigation was done into providers and the benefits of renewable energy. Following successful grant applications and funding from Tamaki College and the centres reserves ZEN Energy were commissioned to install an 20 kWh system on the building in July 2015.

This system should produce about a third of the centres annual energy consumption:


20 kWh System, made up of 80 x 250W solar panels with 40 single phase micro-inverters.

Estimated Annual energy yield: 25,000 kWh

Estimated Highest average yield: 100 kWh

Estimated Lowest average yield:

Estimated average yield: 70 kWh 

Solar Energy Production

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to date



 2015  N/A  N/A  N/A N/A  N/A   N/A  846  1868  2225       4939 kWh  6.3%



             16 31 30         Produced  To Date

System commissioned 16th July 2015, units kWh,

Savings based on typical annual use of 78,000 kWh with the per cent saving showing the amount of typical annual use produced by renewable energy. After 12 months in use its expected the system will generate 30 -35% of the centres energy use.

In partnership with ZEN Energy we hope to reduce our annual energy consumption by about a third and ultimately reduce our impact on the environment through reduced CO2 emissions.

If you are thinking about solar energy generation check the ZEN Energy website and see how they can help you.