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As with many organisations we want to provide the best service for the lowest price to our users so more people can maintain or improve their health and well being.

Through the support of Auckland Council we are able to offer a low cost facility to the community however some things we still need help in providing.

If you think we deliver good value for money and would like to help us provide more a small donation goes a long way. Supporting our after school and holiday programme with a donation will help us buy sports equipment and replace old gear that is past its use by date. Our after school activities and holiday programme are free to the young people of Glen Innes and the surrounding area.

Thank you for your continued support

Donation Update

 Give a Little Balance

Date Balance Spent on Amount
05 October 2016 Cash over the counter George T $449.50    
27 September 2016 - Cash donation over the counter, Thank you $437    
8th September 2016 Cash donation from J Hing, Thank you $422    
9th August 2016, Cash Donation, Thank you $407    
11th August 2016 - Give a little donation from John, Thank You. $397    
21st August 2015 - Give a little donation, Thank you $382    
8th July 2015 Lynley A Thank you for your donation $367    
Purchase of 10 Basketballs for After School Use $352 Basketballs $178.00
22nd October 2014 from Keith S - Thank you for your donation $530    
2nd September 2014 from Jenny - Thank you for the donation $430    
12th August 2014 Donation from David B - Thank you for your donation $410    
13th August 2014 Donation from fleur - Thank you for the donation $400    

29th July 2014 Donation from Lance - Thank you for your donation


16th July 2014 Donation received from Mandy -  Thanks for your support Mandy


12th July 2014 from Guest Donator 
Comment from Donator "You guys are doing some great work for the community" Thank you for your support 

28th  May 2014, donation received, Thank you $300    
2th May 2014, donation received, Thank you $280    
24th April 2014 donation recieved $265    
2nd April 2014 donation received $250    
17th March 2014 donation received $235    
13th March 2014 donation received $210    

25th February 2014 donation received

Comment from donator " I was meant do to this ages ago, sorry for the delay. You guys are doing a great thing for the community!"


12th February 2014 donation received

Comment from donator "The facility is brilliant and provides people with an opportunity to extend themselves physically in an environment they can afford". Cheers Garry

25th October 2013 donation received $130    
23rd October 2013 donation received $120    
21st October 2013 donation received $90.00    

11th October 2013 donation received

Comment from donator 'You guys provide an excellent resource for our community. Keep up the good work!'

23rd September 2013 - Site goes live  $60    
30th August 2013 - Site registered  0.00